3 Ways to Enhance a Dumpster Rental for Halloween

14 September 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Articles

When using dumpster rental services, it can often stay on your property for weeks or even a month. During this time, the dumpster may be there for holidays and occasions like Halloween. Instead of letting the dumpster become a distraction, you can help blend it into the Halloween festivities. With a little planning and some decoration tips, you can temporarily transform the dumpster rental into a large Halloween decoration for your lawn or driveway. Browse through the following three dumpster decoration ideas to see what designs fit your preferences.

Feed the Monster

While actively using the dumpster, you can create an entry point that features a large Halloween monster design. The mouth of the monster is actually the hole opening where debris can be "fed" into the dumpster. To create this design, you will need to measure a narrow side of the dumpster. Ideally, this side should be facing the road of your home so the decoration has the most visibility.

With the measurement, cut out a monster head shape using a large cardboard box. The head shape can be round, bumpy, or alien-like, depending on the type of monster you want to create. Cut out a hole near the bottom of the head that is large enough to fit items through. Use spray paint, markers, and other craft supplies to design the monster face. You can go with something classic like the Wolfman or create a scary looking creature of your own.

Attach the large piece of cardboard using pieces of duct tape to support it on each side. If you have extra pieces of scrap wood, you can add extra support on the inside by attaching the wood to the base of the card board and taping it to the side of the dumpster. This is also a great way to encourage neighbors to help clean up and fill the dumpster.

The Haunted Castle

A haunted castle is simple and effective for the dumpster. Using extra pieces of cardboard, cut out even pieces to represent the merlon design featured on many classic castles. An online castle pattern can help you trace and cut as needed. Once all the pieces are cut, you can paint them a stone color like gray and tape them to the edges of the dumpster. This will give you a basic castle look, but you can add elements to make the castle appear haunted.

Fake spider webbing, skull props, and Halloween decorations can be hung all around the outside of the castle designs. This can help represent infamous horror movie castles from classic Halloween monsters like Dracula and Frankenstein.

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies are a Halloween staple and you can get in on the mix by creating a zombie apocalypse themed dumpster. Using recycled cardboard, you can create all types of signs that represent warnings of zombies. Paint the base of the cardboard yellow and then add black warning messages including "Warning! Zombie Feeding Area," "Quarantined Area" and "Beware of Zombies."

Extra Halloween props can help enhance this design. For example, you can place fake blood on the edges and sides of the dumpster or signs. Attach body part props to the edges of the dumpster. This includes fake arms, legs, and brains. Fake skeletons can also hang from the dumpster for an added effect.

If you're looking to increase the ambiance, then a portable speaker can be used next to the dumpster. Using free app downloads or MP3 files, you can play a number of Halloween sound effects including zombie screams, eerie noises, or instrumental Halloween music that will help build the suspense of the theme. These sounds are great to play while you're using the dumpster or when children come to your home on Halloween night to collect some candy.

As you plan your decorations for the dumpster, it's important to take proper care of the dumpster and clean up all the items once the holiday has passed. Before decorating the rental, ensure you check out resources like http://parksandsons.com to ensure you don't break any rules.