Prevent Costly Property Damage To Your Industrial Tanks

19 May 2016
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Industrial concrete tanks can be damaged if any of the liquid they hold leaks -- even if it's just water. As Andy Powell notes, a water leak in a concrete tank can lead to structural failures and sinkholes. Tanks are often protected with coatings, which most cement tank suppliers are able to provide. To be effective, however, tank coatings must be applied when the cement is completely clean. Here's why -- and how to tell if a cement tank is perfectly clean. Read More 

Tips For Selecting Pallet Racks For Your Warehouse

3 March 2016
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If your warehouse stores a variety of palletized products, it's important that you keep those pallets organized and accessible. While this can be complicated in spaces where pallets are stored solely on the floor, investing in pallet racks may be the solution that you need. Before you add any rack systems to your warehouse, it's important that you understand the options. The best rack system will depend on how your inventory flows. Read More 

5 Ways To Implement Steel Fabrication Designs In Your Kitchen

27 January 2016
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The kitchen is often a central part of the home. Along with cooking and eating meals, it also becomes a hub for entertaining friends, family, and guests to the home. If you're looking for a sleek and modern kitchen design, then consider using steel fabrication designs for decorating. Industrial steel fabricators can create all types of custom designs and high-quality pieces that can make your kitchen stand out. When paired with stainless steel appliances and cabinet designs, the following five steel kitchen designs can give you a sleek and stylish kitchen layout. Read More