5 Ways To Implement Steel Fabrication Designs In Your Kitchen

27 January 2016
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The kitchen is often a central part of the home. Along with cooking and eating meals, it also becomes a hub for entertaining friends, family, and guests to the home. If you're looking for a sleek and modern kitchen design, then consider using steel fabrication designs for decorating. Industrial steel fabricators can create all types of custom designs and high-quality pieces that can make your kitchen stand out. When paired with stainless steel appliances and cabinet designs, the following five steel kitchen designs can give you a sleek and stylish kitchen layout.

Counter Tops

The counter top material that you choose for your kitchen can make a huge difference on the way you prepare food and get use out of the space. Steel is a great option for your counter tops. Large sheets can be custom cut to match the exact size and dimensions that you need for the kitchen. It helps create a seamless design and easy flow for the room. Steel counter tops are also great for preparing foods. It's hard to stain them, and if they do get spots, steel is very easy to clean with just some vinegar and water.

The dark tones of stainless steel also goes well with bright cabinets or a light tile back splash that you feature around the kitchen.

Kitchen Islands

Create a nice centerpiece to your kitchen by having a whole island fabricated out of steel. The island is great for preparing food and creating a seating area for family. A smooth steel design offers a solid base and creates an area that is easy to keep clean. The reflective nature of the steel can make the room feel bigger, and there are a number of options to consider for the base of the island. The steel on the base can be cut a number of different ways, giving you storage options. Open holes could also be cut in the top of the island, giving you openings for extensions like a sink or stove top. By working with a metal fabrication company, you can help plan out the custom design and watch it come to life for your home.


Pieces of fabricated stainless steel can be formed to create modern seating designs for your kitchen. If you have an island or raised counter area, then one of the best seating pieces that you can have created is a stool. A steel stool is easy to store underneath islands and offers lightweight options for moving around. Once the steel stool is crafted, you can top the seating portion with some type of padding or formed plastic seat. The steel stool designs are great ways to complement other steel elements in a kitchen.

Lighting Elements

The use of steel pipes and fabrications for lighting can add a real industrial and modern feel to a kitchen. Instead of forming traditional fixtures and chandeliers, steel parts can be left in shapes like curved pipes. Lights and wires can be fed through the pipes to create a nice piece that hangs over an island or a kitchen sink. Long pieces of steel can be used to create track lighting to go over counter space. Track lighting typically features multiple lights on a continuous track that can move and rotate to create different lighting situations.

Lighting elements can also be installed inside of a large steel fabrication like a vent hoods. Vent hoods are typically installed over stoves to help vent out smoke and steam. Lights can be wired through these vents to help add mood lighting above a stove.

Wall Pieces

Finish off your kitchen design with fabricated steel wall pieces. These designs can help tie in other steel elements of the kitchen and create a modern industrial feel. Examples of designs include star shapes, abstract designs, or steel that has been formed into words like "Kitchen" and "Cook." Look for pieces that are already made or you can work with a company to create designs of your own.

Don't be afraid to share your design ideas and visions to fabrication companies. You can receive free quotes for different services and have full designs planned for what you have in mind. In the end, you will have a kitchen that you love and can spend a lot of time in.

For more information and customization options, talk with a metal fabrication company, such as Moorhead Machinery & Boiler Co., today.