Debunking Common Misconceptions About Powder-Coated Finishes For Industrial Use

18 October 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you are the owner of a manufacturing business, you will spend a lot of time looking into various finishing products and techniques that can be used on your produced products. While powder-coated finishes provide great advantages, this is one finishing process that you may skip right over in favor of traditional painting methods. This is likely due to some pretty common myths about the powder-coating process and the finish itself, even though this finishing process works well in industrial applications. To better understand how beneficial powder coating really is in an industrial setting, you should take a look at these common misconceptions and the actual truths. 

Misconception: Powder coating is an expensive process. 

Fact: Once you have invested in the equipment you need for powder coating, you will likely save money on finishing costs. Unlike painted finishes that involve a lot of waste, powder-coated finishes involve very little waste of materials at all. There is no sprayed distribution of materials that is wasted in the finishing process. Therefore, you will get the most of your supplies with every finishing project.

Misconception: Powder coating is a more time-consuming process than traditional painting. 

Fact: Powder coating is often assumed to be a lengthy process that involves a lot of man hours to complete. However, this is far from the truth. Powder coating can be accomplished by one employee if needed and the time for curing of the finish is not that much different than drying time with paint. The piece is coated with the pigmented powder and cured in a high temperature oven or kiln, and it happens fairly quickly, so you have the ability to compelete several pieces in a short time frame. 

Misconception: Powder coating limits your ability to create finishes with different colors or textures. 

Fact: Powder coating can be accomplished in just about any shade or hue as paint because the pigmenting process used is much the same as what happens when paint is manufactured. Not only can you achieve powder coated finishes in an array of colors, you can achieve metallic finishes and textured finishes as well. Therefore, there are many finishing possibilities for the products you produce that require a certain finish. 

In the end, powder coating is an industrial finishing process that makes a lot of sense. If you would like to know more about powder coating, contact a powder coating service for more information.