Benefits Of Using Fiberglass Grating To Replace Older Steel Products

24 March 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

There are a lot of places that grating is used in commercial or industrial facilities. For years the standard grating material was steel that had to be made by welding all the parts together and then put in place with a lift truck or other equipment. The steel grating was strong but it had to be painted and cared for over the years and if you had to move it, it took a lot of time and planning. With molded fiberglass grating, there are some benefits that may make you rethink that steel catwalk or grating.

Molded Construction

When you decide to construct a catwalk, platform, or stairs to be used in your facility, you may want to consider using fiberglass reinforced plastic grating over that old steel standby. Fiberglass grating is easier to use in some ways and because it is a molded product, you can order the grating in the size and configuration you need. The assembly is much faster this way and does not require a welder to take all the time to assemble the pieces. If customization is appealing, take a look at what is offered in your area before you commit to a metal product.

Fiberglass Decking Is Lighter

Another very appealing aspect of the fiberglass grating product is that it is lighter than steel grating. While it still retains the strength you need, the weight offset can be a huge benefit if you are assembling the grating overhead. While you may still need a lift truck or fork truck to lift the pieces into place, once assembled the entire platform with be considerably lighter and will not crack, dent, or warp over time.

Wear Resistance and Limited Maintenance

When you use fiberglass decking and structural materials in combination, you create a platform, stairs, or catwalk that does not need the same care that steel needs. There is no painting because the color is added during the molding process. This allows you to pick the colors you want or need and never worry about them again. Along with the decking, structural components made from the same material can be added to your platform or stairs. In fact, the entire staircase or platform, including the railings and supports can be made using the same fiberglass reinforced plastic and molded in the same colors so it all matches when assembled.

The Cost Of Fiberglass

While the cost of the fiberglass grating is going to vary by your needs and location, over time the cost is going to be lower because of the lack of maintenance required. The decking and grating products are typically lower priced than there steel counterparts but talk with the dealer in your are to get an idea what product will best suit your needs and get accurate pricing.