Why Crane Rental Companies Often Handle Their Own Transporting

8 September 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you're working with a crane rental company so that you can rent a crane for an upcoming project, you might have thought about trying to transport the crane yourself. You might have assumed that this would save you some money on the rental, and you could've hoped that it would help you get the crane to your work site more quickly. Many crane rental companies actually handle the transporting process themselves, though, so this might not be an option even if you offer. This might seem like an aggravation for you, but these are some of the reasons why crane services often like to handle this on their own.

They Want to Protect Their Cranes

Cranes are very expensive pieces of equipment. That's probably why you are renting one instead of buying one for your project, in fact. The cranes that are rented out to individuals and contractors by crane rental companies are already often put at an increased risk of damage since they are used by so many people -- including those who might not have a lot of experience -- and because they're transported from site to site so much.

This does not mean that crane rental companies don't want to do what they can to keep their cranes in good shape, though. One way they can help reduce the risk of their cranes being damaged is by transporting them themselves. Then, they'll know that they are disassembled and moved properly. They may also have the right insurance to help protect their cranes during transport, so if something does go wrong, they're protected. Cranes might not be as well protected if they are transported by the people who rent them for their projects.

Permits Are Often Needed

With smaller cranes, permits might not be required when they're being transported. With bigger cranes, though, those who are transporting cranes are often required to get special permits so that they have permission to take the cranes on the roads. It can be tough for the average person to get these permits, but a crane rental company should not have any problem with it.

Special Equipment is Usually Required

For small cranes, a regular trailer might be enough to transport the crane. For larger cranes, though, multiple tractor trailers might be required. Many customers who use crane rental services might not have access to all of this equipment, but crane rental companies will generally have the equipment that they need to move their cranes from place to place.