Advantages of Using Prepared Non-Fat Dry Milk Media

26 May 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Prepared non-fat dry milk media has a lot of unique properties that traditional liquid milk just can't provide. Here are some of the advantages it comes with, which may play right into your milk-related cooking operations.

Extremely Long Shelf Life

If you just used regular milk in a liquid form for cooking projects, you're not going to have a long time to use it. Milk in this form can go bad after several weeks, even when refrigerated. That may not be ideal for the type of cooking projects you're involved in.

Going with non-fat dry milk media is probably a better idea because it has a much longer shelf life. That lets you have more flexibility in terms of storage. You can leave it in its packaging knowing the milk media is still going to have favorable characteristics for a pretty long time. You thus may not have to buy this milk product that often.

User-Friendly Transportation

Milk that comes in a liquid form has to be transported a special way. Refrigerated trucks are needed to keep the milk from going bad. That can lead to a more complex shipping process and ultimately cost you more money.

Whereas if you just rely on non-fat dry milk media, you're going to have a more user-friendly transportation process. Non-fat dry milk media will simply come in pouches that will be sealed off. There aren't a lot of shipping protocols that have to be observed, which should lower shipping costs by a lot.

Easy Conversion Process

Some people may question getting non-fat dry milk media as they may not be that familiar with it. They may worry they're going to struggle to use it in their cooking projects. Fortunately, non-fat dry milk media is really easy to use.

The conversion process just requires you to add the milk media to water and other ingredients of your choosing. Then you can mix these ingredients around until you have a liquid form. That's all it takes to get non-fat dry milk media converted into its more popular state. You don't need specialized tools or a lot of experience.

If you have cooking operations that require milk, instead of going with the traditional liquid variety, consider non-fat dry milk media. A lot of suppliers offer it and you'll have no trouble working with it. You just need to figure out how much to order and prepare for its arrival.