Repair Tips for Well Pumps That Constantly Run

12 August 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

A functioning well pump is critical in getting water from a well set up around a rural property. If your current pump keeps running for no apparent reason, you need to consider getting it repaired before the system experiences premature degradation. 

Check to See if the Appliances are Running

There are a bunch of water appliances in your home that will require the pump to work correctly. These systems include sinks and toilets. If any of these appliances have running water, that's going to cause the pump to run consistently when it shouldn't.

You want to check on these appliances first before doing any more investigating or putting together repair solutions. See if any water-related appliances are running and have them fixed if they are. That should get your pump to shut off and thus not drive up your energy costs.

See if Water Pressure is Low

Most well pumps are designed to operate based on water pressure. If it's too low, then you may have a pump that continues to run, and that's not something you should have happening. You'll want to investigate the reason for this low pressure.

It could be that there's a leak preventing the well pump from attaining the right pressure, or perhaps the problem lies with the pressure control switch. You want to investigate both possibilities and consider hiring a professional for a thorough inspection just to make sure. Then you can deal with the pressure issue and get optimal performance out of your pump again.

Replace Pump if There's a Major Defect

If there's a major defect with a well pump, that can be a reason why it continues to run. Some defects are so severe and ever-reaching that a repair just isn't going to cut it. If you're at this point, you'll want to consider some replacement options.

Then with the next well pump you get, you can be sure it doesn't have a defect by performing the proper tests. A professional pump contractor that deals with water wells can assist you too so that you don't have to be put in the same position. Defects will become a non-factor. 

A major problem with well pumps is constantly running water. That can lead to pumps not lasting as long and creating expensive energy bills. If you know what to address and figure out a repair solution sooner rather than later, you won't be left in a bad place. Keep these tips in mind when looking for well pump repair services near you.